Saturday, January 14, 2012

Time for some Closet Organization 101

One of the features of our new house that I was most excited about was my HUGE CLOSET.   I was used to constantly getting rid of clothes and shoes (which isn't a bad thing!) so that I would have enough room in the closet that Daddy Baer and I shared.  Now, I have plenty of room for all of my sweaters, shoes and hanging clothes.  I also have my jewelry cabinet, and 2 old dressers in the closet for sweatshirts, tank tops, etc.  I actually have way more space than I need or know what to do with.  And Daddy Baer has his OWN closet!  I really should have just shared with him, but our bedroom is plenty big as well so we just went ahead and gave him his own.  I haven't really found a good way to organize the closet yet. Here are some pictures of "before" wasn't that bad to start with.

And here is the finished product:

I just used the existing boxes that I was storing my Vera Bradley purses in and gave them a cute label.

I didn't do too much to this side other than refold my sweaters and flip my shoes around.  The top shelf is just holding some random things for now (my pool bag, a foot spa that I have never used but won't get rid of, 2 empty containers that I can use for something later, and my dogs' bones!) 

Daddy Baer hung a window shelf that we had from our old house and I just placed two Henn Workshops baskets up there for now.  They are empty!
Not a whole lot of change on this side.

Check out the cute little days of the week hangers...I am one of those weird people that likes to lay out my clothes for the whole week so that my mornings are just a teensy bit smoother with 2 kids and myself to get to a babysitter, school and work on time.  Both Baby Baers have days of the week caddies in their closet that we fill each Sunday for that week that I got online a few years ago.  They are awesome!!  Since I didn't want my clothes folded to fit into one of those caddies, I wanted a hanging system for myself.  I remembered something that I made when my kids were babies--hanger dividers for their clothes for 0-3 months, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, etc.  That was a lifesaver for closet organization, especially before they were born and I was getting so many clothes for them from baby showers!  I wish I had pictures, but we don't have them anymore.  So I applied the same idea and made days of the week hangers for my closet.  I know, I'm a dork!!!! :)  But you know you want to make here is how: 

First, type of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (I guess you could include Saturday and Sunday too, but I had no need for that) using Word or any program on your computer and print.  I formatted 2 columns and got 2 days per page.
Next, cut and decorate with stickers.  I just used some of my daughter's stickers that we already had.  Notice the way I cut out the paper to form a "hook" around the hangers (see next picture).
For the first time, I used this home Scotch laminator that my dad randomly gave me several years ago.
All done!
This is how I used mine:
So organized--I love it!  And such a time-saver for me the mornings too!
I hope I have inspired you to get that closet organized!!


  1. On one blog I read, I saw where she had a staging area for her clothes for the week, that's sorta like how you labeled your outfits for the week. she would put several outfit ideas she had for the week and always had an extra one just in case one she picked didnt work out.

  2. Where's the Fanny pack?! lol